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Find out how to make sure your new DeliVita wood-fired oven stays in tip-top condition to ensure you can continue to bake, roast or smoke outdoors for years to come!

It is not necessary to clean the inside of the oven with cleaning products because the high temperatures will kill any germs and bacteria. Any food spillages will simply be burnt to ashes, which you can sweep out later when cold.

After each use, or when ash has built up too much, allow the ash to cool then sweep it out of the oven with a metal brush into a suitable metal container. Afterwards the cooled ash can be used as a fertiliser for the garden. Never throw water into the oven as this could damage the interior components.

After use, and whilst the oven is still warm, clean the stainless steel front panel with warm soapy water and a clean cloth. Avoid using abrasive products and metal scouring pads.

For a perfect finish to the fibreglass exterior use a damp cloth with warm soapy water. For deeper scratches, we recommend using a wet and dry cloth or T-cut from your local car accessory store.

Watch the video below for a demonstration!