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DeliVita Dual Fuel Gas Oven

£ 1,595.00

Meet the newest member of the DeliVita family! The DeliVita ECO gas oven is an environmentally friendly alternative to a wood-fired oven without compromising on taste or quality.


Designed and built to the highest standards, the DeliVita Dual Fuel Gas Oven gives you total temperature control for precision cooking. You’ll be turning out restaurant-quality plates, including pizzas, meat, fish, and veggies.

Enjoy the best in outdoor cooking.

    • Eco-friendly alternative to wood-fired cooking
    • Gas power provides total temperature control
    • Award-winning DeliVita design
    • Tabletop design, easy to set up and transport
    • weighing only 30 kg
    • Available in 4 colours
    • Reaches temperatures of 500°C
    • Portable pizza oven built for outdoor entertaining
    • This is a hand made product so delivery window is now w/c 3rd June 2024 due to full order book

Delivery Time is 3-4 weeks from order

Why DeliVita

Total temperature control

Outdoor cooking without compromise

The DeliVita ECO portable outdoor gas oven gives you total temperature control. You’ll get the same taste cooking at high temperatures as you would cooking with wood. Fire up the DeliVita ECO, and you’ll be turning out professional-quality plates in 15 minutes.

Award-winning design

Inspired by Italy, handmade in Yorkshire

The DeliVita ECO gas oven is part of our range of handmade, artisan outdoor ovens inspired by Italy and handmade in Yorkshire. The unique tabletop design makes transporting your DeliVita ECO gas oven easy, meaning you can bring the pizza party wherever you go.

Planet-friendly pizzas

Environmentally-friendly alternative

Cook Neopolitan Pizza in 60 seconds with DeliVita, the restaurant-grade portable pizza oven for your garden


While we love wood-fired cooking, we know some of our customers want the same great design and exceptional build quality in a gas oven. It’s why we created the DeliVita ECO. The DeliVita ECO gas oven provides the best outdoor cooking experience for those who prefer the convenience and control provided by LPG gas. When cooking with gas, you can manage the temperature with much greater precision than wood. But there are no compromises on taste and quality. This exceptional outdoor gas oven will reach temperatures of over 500°, which will cook a standard 12” pizza in a minute.

Absolutely! Gas pizza ovens can achieve the same temperature as wood-fired ovens, cooking as quickly and efficiently. Many professional chefs and experienced amateurs prefer cooking with gas. It’s cheaper, easier, and all without the smoke. The DeliVita Eco runs on LPG and comes with a regulator. All you’ll need to provide is a gas canister, and you’ll be creating culinary delights in less than 30 minutes.

You can cook anywhere it’s safe and permitted to use gas. This includes your back garden, parks, local campsite, and some festivals. Before using your DeliVita gas-fired oven you should check that you have permission from the land or property owner.

Your DeliVita ECO gas oven comes with a gas regulator and hose. It’s up to you to provide the gas, ingredients, and inspiration.


DeliVita Dual Fuel Gas Oven

£ 1,595.00

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