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Why Choose DeliVita Read Our Amazing Reviews

July 06, 2021

Alfresco wood-fired ovens are exploding in popularity, and the fantastic reviews of the DeliVita just keep on coming! ⭐️ It’s great to see that our beautiful, authentic, versatile, and portable wood-fired oven is receiving glowing reviews, and it’s just another reminder of how amazing the DeliVita is. A BIG thank you to

The Daily Mail recently set out to find the best pizza oven on sale, and after beating many rivals, the DeliVita was their champion with 5/5. Read all about it.

The Independent named the DeliVita as their Best Overall Pizza Oven for 2021, beating Ooni and Gooney. Find out why they rated us so highly here.

Wired recently asked “What’s the best pizza oven to buy right now” Find out why they fell head over heels for the DeliVita.