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Top Accessories Every Pizza Oven Owner Should Have

January 19, 2024

Every good pizza chef knows the importance of keeping things good but simple.

Take the dough, for example, just flour, water, salt, and yeast. A simple recipe.

But made with quality ingredients (organic flour, fresh yeast, purified water and a pinch of Himalayan salt) pizza dough is unbeatable.

The same goes for the rest of your pizza ingredients: premium tomatoes, a little quality mozzarella, and some fresh basil beats thick layers of cheaper toppings, hands-down.

When it comes to the equipment for making your pizza, it is no different. There’s no need to fill your kitchen with every pizza accessory on the market — true pizzaiolos know the value of investing in a few high-quality pieces.

These pizza oven accessories are all you need to improve the functionality and extend the lifespan of your pizza oven.

All-Weather Cover

All-Weather DeliVita Oven Cover, £99.50

DeliVita wood-fired pizza ovens are made using traditional materials — including clay. That means that you get the most authentic pizza burn at home, but it also means that your oven needs to be properly cared for. As well as curing your pizza oven [LINK] before its first use (or after a few months without use), an all-weather cover is the best way to ensure the longevity of your pizza oven.

Developed and tested in the Yorkshire Dales, the cover protects against the elements (and the local wildlife) with soft-touch, water-resistant fabric, and fits snugly to your DeliVita oven with adjustable straps. The interior backing of the cover is also scratch-resistant, keeping the shine on your pizza oven exterior.

Prod & Blow

DeliVita Prod & Blow, £49.50

The Prod & Blow is a two-in-one pizza oven tool that helps you to manage and maintain your fire, once you’ve lit it.

You can use the prod and blow to insert new logs into the fire and keep it going, to poke embers and move wood around when rejuvenating the fire, and to fan the flames and blow hot air onto your pizza, to evenly distribute heat in your pizza oven.

DeliVita’s Prod & Blow is made from stainless steel, with a responsibly sourced olive wood handle.

Pizza Peel

DeliVita Pizza Peel, £64.50

A pizza peel is, perhaps, the most ubiquitous tool in the pizzaiolo's kitchen (or garden!).

Made of stainless steel, with a responsibly sourced olive wood handle, the DeliVita Pizza Peel was designed specifically to move pizzas in and out of DeliVita ovens (though it will work with any pizza oven).

A peel allows you to safely slide a pizza into your hot oven without spilling any toppings, and then remove it again easily, as soon as it is cooked.


DeliVita Pizza Turner, £59.50

The DeliVita Pizza Turner is a great tool for the new pizzaiolo in town, allowing you to turn the pizza while still in the oven . By preserving the dough's temperature, it nurtures yeast growth, ensuring an optimal rise and a perfectly baked pizza every time.

Crafted from stainless steel and featuring a responsibly sourced olive wood handle, this circular-shaped turner flawlessly slides under your pizza, allowing you to expertly rotate it for an impeccably even bake.

Oven Brush

DeliVita Oven Brush, £39.50

With a durable steel wire brush and natural olive wood handle, the DeliVita Oven Brush is another essential pizza oven tool.

Use it to brush the clay base of your oven after lighting and moving the fire, between pizzas, and to remove any remnants of ash or burned-on food residue after your oven has cooled, to keep your oven in perfect food-safe condition.

Pizza Cutter

DeliVita Pizza Cutter, £49.50

With a sharp, stainless steel blade and two natural olive wood handles, DeliVita’s professional pizza cutter quickly gives you a precise slice.

There’s no wheel casing to catch bits of food, so this pizza cutter is an easy-to-use (and easy-to-clean) alternative to pizza wheels.

Infrared Gun

DeliVita Infrared Gun, £29.50

Pizzas cook very quickly (under 30 seconds) in temperatures between 400°C and 500°C. Too cool, and your pizza will cook slowly and end up doughy, too hot and your pizza will burn in moments.

How do you know when your pizza oven is maintaining the correct temperature? Using a non-contact laser digital thermometer (AKA an Infrared Gun). Just point the infrared laser into the centre of your pizza oven, and the digital display will show you the precise temperature, between -50°C to 420°C.

Infrared thermometers also have multiple uses besides checking your pizza oven temperature. Use it to check the cooking temperature of all kinds of foods — from meat to caramel.

Once you’ve invested in a wood-fired pizza oven for your home, it's important that you continue to get the best out of it. Protect and maintain your oven so you can continue to use it for years to come, invest in the right tools to light and maintain the fire, and cook and cut your pizza, for the ultimate pizza oven experience.