Pizza is the window to the soul. You can tell a lot about a person based on their menu choices. Take a look at what your favourite toppings say about you!

Ah the safe choice, the Volvo of pizzas. If you find yourself panicking over a menu, the Margherita pizza is a sure thing. Simple, understated and delicious.

Some may call your choice boring but you simply love a classic. You’re a traditionalist and as reliable and dependable as your pizza of choice.

The most controversial of pizzas. Some say pineapple on pizza is a culinary cardinal sin, but you don’t worry about what anyone else thinks. While others turn their nose up at this interesting mix of sweet and savoury, it’s your cup of tea.

Never one to let other people’s opinions sway you, you’re independent, know what you like and always remain true to yourself.

Hot n spicy
This jalapeño topped pizza is enough to intimidate the best of diners. But if you can’t handle the heat get out of the kitchen is your motto.

Never one get hot under the collar when things get tough; you like a challenge and aren’t afraid of hard work.

If spicy is your thing, you’re as tough as your taste buds.

Four cheese
Not content with mozzarella alone, you want all the cheesiness possible. This pizza is for those who live life to full.

You’re probably the life of the party with a large circle of friends, with a busy schedule that would make weaker mortals buckle under the pressure.

Who says you have to choose work or a social life? You want it all!

The quirky choice. The lady gaga of pizzas- different, random and a little bit ‘out there’. While an egg topped pizza may be unpalatable to unadventurous diners, it’s your go-to.

You don’t knock anything til you’ve tried it, and are always up for all things ‘different’- sky diving, zorbing and even fried eggs on pizzas.

An unusual choice of pizza topping, but one that suggests an appreciation of the finer things in life. You don’t scrimp and are willing to pay a little more for what you want.

You probably would enjoy this pizza with a glass of champagne. Chin chin!


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