We are forever looking at ways to improve our products, whilst also considering the world around us, ensuring our products are sustainable.  

Recently we’ve revamped our full range of accessories as well as introducing a NEW double-handled pizza cutter.  Made by hand our accessories are now made using Olive wood handles, and of course our original premium marine stainless steel. 

Olive wood is not only very beautiful, but it is also a truly sustainable resource. Sourced from old olive trees that no longer produce olives, the age of the tree helps create the beautiful and unique grain patterns making our accessories truly one of a kind.  

The wood is also very hard, strong and durable and with natural anti-bacterial qualities, it’s ideal for our accessories.  

We’ve also added our NEW double-handled pizza cutter to our range.  The curved shape of the blade is perfect for cutting pizzas and flatbreads, but also herbs. 

Take a peek at our new accessory range, and whilst they have been specifically designed to use with our oven there’s no reason why you can’t get into the spirit of things and use a selection of them indoors, Friday night pizza night anyone?

Great care should be taken when using the pizza cutter as the blade is extremley sharp.  All our accessories should be handwashed, towel dry. 


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