Great equipment and excellent service from DeliVita

“I already had a pizza oven, but saw an advert for the DeliVita oven and was intrigued so I watched some of the YouTube videos where Joe explains the principles of the clay-lined oven, shows how to light the fire and shape pizza dough properly. I was very impressed with the way this small oven uses so little fuel and holds its temperature compared to the metal oven. I emailed DeliVita to ask for information and advice and was pleasantly surprised and very impressed that Joe took the time to phone me and answer all my questions. I decided to buy the chef’s bundle, because it includes the door, a cast iron dish and a recipe book. I already had a pizza peel and all the pizza accessories I needed. I was told the oven would be delivered in about 4 weeks, but got it sooner. The cast iron dish wasn’t in stock at the time, but was delivered separately 10 days later. The oven is easy to use, because the DeliVita YouTube videos are excellent – informative and helpful, guiding you through the curing, lighting and cooking processes. The video showing how to stretch and shape the pizza dough has been a revelation to me and helped me to improve my pizzas enormously. At any stage when I’ve needed help, I only had to send an email and I’ve had an immediate response. I can’t recommend DeliVita highly enough.”

Christine Hughes

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