With another lockdown in place, we all have to come to terms with the reality of life at home ‘part 2’. A sequel to what some might feel is a horror movie, fear not here’s a few ideas that might lessen the burden of being cooped up.

Whilst the regulations aren’t quite as stringent as the original lockdown, we still need to keep home and keep safe which means entertaining ourselves at home. The importance of remaining stimulated and entertained is crucial to our well-being and mental health.

There are tonnes of great ideas out there as the nation resurrects activities from the ‘original’ lockdown. Here are a few ideas to ensure you and the family remain healthy and happy in the coming weeks.

We’re all about bringing families together and keeping people entertained, a sure way to do that is through food. Cooking for ourselves or together, as a family is a great activity in itself, it brings families together, educates and teaches valuable life skills.

We obviously love to cook indoors and outdoors, but we particularly enjoy cooking outdoors at this time of year. There’s nothing better than getting wrapped up and enjoying the beauty of the season whilst watching the flames of the DeliVita flicker around our tasty delights. It also adds another dimension to spending time at home.

Themed nights
We’re fans of recreating our favourite foods at home and by dedicating one night a week to a food theme, you’ll have something to look forward to each week.

Try Friday night pizza night, it’s easy and fun and you get to recreate your favourite pizza toppings, the kids (little and big) will love it too. To make things a whole lot easier and tastier, try our Dough To Go frozen dough balls, handmade and freshly frozen for you convenience.

Whilst your ability to travel is limited, that shouldn’t stop you from dreaming about your next holiday. One way you can travel without leaving home is through food. By recreating your favourite dishes from around the world you can recreate the smells and tastes of countries you have visited in the past, and those you wish to visit in the future.

The Garden
Even during the colder months, your outdoor areas are places to be relished, particularly during these difficult times. We don’t know what’s around the corner so take some time to transform your gardens, balconies, and courtyards into cosy, intimate entertaining spaces complete with a DeliVita of course.

Why not consider planting herbs and vegetables for next year, it’s a great activity for all the family and you’ll be able to reap the benefits of your success.

We’d love to hear and see your ideas of essential lockdown fun, please share on social or drop us an email so we can spread the word of great things to do.


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