Fire up with DeliVita BBQ style 5th – 18th July 2021


Nothing quite screams summer quite like BBQ-ing, and with National BBQ fortnight fast approaching, we’re taking things to the next level with an alternative way to entertain friends and family with wood-fired feasts.

With the DeliVita wood-fired oven, you can fire up and create thousands of delicious BBQ recipes using indirect heat and the rolling flame to cook flavoursome food, creating distinctive tastes that are hard to replicate with a traditional BBQ.

Thanks to the design, clay interior, and refractory qualities, our handcrafted wood-fired oven reaches incredibly high temperatures (fantastic for authentic pizzas) and for searing and cooking meats. The rolling flame cooks from above, allowing the meat to cook in its juice and making the meat super tender.

Bacon wrapped prawns   Lamb 

It also retains the heat, perfect for cooking pork or beef ‘low and slow’ overnight in a cooler oven, and by adding our oven door, you can turn the oven into a smoker, adding a blast of depth and smoky flavours to dishes.


Our friends over at Organibox tell us their butternut squashes and courgettes are crying out for our wood-fired flames. That the sweetest sweet potatoes you’ve ever tasted just need a drizzle of olive oil and a bit of their garlic, crushed, to taste amazing. It sounds like a DeliVita oven and a 100% organic, Organibox is a match made in yummy heaven. 

So, with every DeliVita oven ordered during National BBQ Fortnight (5 – 18 July), Organibox will throw in a free mixed fruit and vegetable box worth £29.50. This way you can get your taste buds tingling and start experimenting with the yummiest fruit and veggies around when you fire up your new wood-fired oven.

Spice up your meat, fish, and vegetables this National BBQ Week with a fantastic range of hand-selected spices and herbs from our friends Spice Kitchen UK . If you head to the Spice Kitchen throughout BBQ Fortnight (5th-18th), you can get 10% OFF ALL OUR SPICES, by using the promo code BBQWEEK10 at the checkout.

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