DeliVita Franchise Opportunities


We are delighted to be able to offer you the opportunity to join the DeliVita family as a franchisee! As a member of the family, you’ll be able to cater for private parties, events, weddings, office parties and festivals across the UK. Plus you could also provide cookery classes for either private or corporate events. To help you realise your own DeliVita dream, we have a variety of catering vehicles to suit your needs: Smart Car, Catering Bikes, Horseboxes

And of course, there are all our fantastic accessories and a selection of amazing vegan organic doughs (which can be frozen for up to 12 months).


Our hand-made, designer quality ovens are well suited to the discerning lifestyle of your clientele.

The DeliVita oven is one of the lightest, traditional mixed-clay, wood-fired ovens in the world. A multi-use, versatile product with exceptional ‘kerb appeal’, and, at only 30kgs, the ovens are portable whilst simple to operate and a delight to use.

Taking just 25 minutes to reach a temperature of 450 Degrees Celsius they are a fast and healthier way of cooking than the traditional BBQ, with less harmful carbonisation, but with the food still infused with fantastic wood-fired aromas.

As a table-top oven, featuring a unique heat-insulated base, they can be positioned on any outside surface without heat damage.


As we have been successfully catering for several years, we will fully train you on: 

•  How to book events
•  How to cook using our ovens
•  How to hand stretch dough
•  Assist you through all the health and safety courses and due-diligence
•  How to manage bookings
•  You will be handheld for the initial period by attending events with us and  we will come to your events too
•  Assist on where to buy ingredients and help you maximise your return on investment.
•  We have area managers across the country who will always be on call.



Our ovens are the perfect accompaniment to a kitchen.


We love a good party, festivals, birthdays, weddings, events …


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